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We represent our clients in the course of tax inspections and proceedings conducted by tax and customs authorities. We have already helped many taxpayers. We have extensive experience in VAT and unreported income cases.

In most cases, it is in the taxpayer’s interest to become actively involved in the tax dispute as early as possible. We prepare a case management strategy and submit relevant evidence. In our case, nothing happens by chance but is the result of a carefully planned course of action. We act actively, we do not limit ourselves to responding to the Office’s monitions.

We request the hearing of witnesses or experts, support our clients in preparing explanations to the tax authorities, suggest requests to other authorities for access to documents, case files, request the preparation of analyses, market research etc. by the tax authority.

We believe that a well-conducted tax case at the stage of tax inspection gives the greatest chance for a positive settling for the taxpayer. We are most successful in those cases where we have been involved already at the tax inspection stage.

If the case requires it, we support taxpayers also at the stage of a dispute before an administrative court – both at first instance and the Supreme Administrative Court. We draft complaints and other pleadings and represent taxpayers before these courts.

The prospect of a tax dispute, and especially of a lawsuit that has been dragging on for years, is a source of much concern, raises doubts and questions. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive service of these proceedings so that the client can be sure that he puts his case in good hands. We take all the actions provided for by law, which may contribute to obtaining a positive decision for our Clients. We value our Clients’ time – we avoid unnecessary activities which may expose them to additional costs, we try to bring about a favourable conclusion in the shortest possible time.

Depending on the client’s wish – we inform about all activities and actions taken in the case or we limit ourselves to providing information about key stages (e.g. tax decision).

Contact: dr Michał Wilk, att. Mateusz Szczasiuk

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