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According to the Act of 15 April 2011 on therapeutic activity, this activity belongs to the catalogue of regulated activities. The above means that the provision of health care services requires that the therapeutic entities performing therapeutic activities meet a number of conditions even before they start providing services.

Their implementation is verified by various types of control proceedings, which many authorities and entities are entitled to conduct, including, among others, the Minister of Health, the National Health Fund, voivodes, national and provincial consultants in particular fields of medicine, the Sanitary Inspectorate, the forming entities and many others.

The entities carrying out therapeutic activities are also exposed to liability for various reasons, including medical errors, violation of medical data protection rules, etc. All these elements make medical activities appear to be one of the most difficult and demanding areas at present. It is therefore crucial that the therapist has adequate legal support at every stage of the activity, ensuring legal security of the highest quality.

Lawyers of our law firm’s health care team are very experienced specialists who have been present in the medical industry for many years. We support our clients as early as at the stage of setting up a therapeutic entity, dealing with the preparation of necessary documents such as contracts, organizational regulations or preparing applications to the provincial register of entities performing therapeutic activities. In addition to current legal advice, our services in the field of medical law include in particular:
• support in relations with the National Health Fund (preparation of tenders, appeals against the results of competitions, overlimited cases, control proceedings),
• representing medical institutions in court proceedings, including cases of medical malpractice,
• representing doctors and medical institutions in proceedings before provincial committees for medical events,
• transformation of medical entities,
• developing a legal framework for cooperation with ‘white personnel’,
• advice on the security of medical records and other medical data,
• conducting training courses for the personnel (e.g. keeping medical records, relations with patients, medical data processing),

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