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Audit is a specific form of legal or tax support that allows to identify irregularities in the functioning of the enterprise. This service is particularly important nn the current  situation which is “overproduction of legal acts ” and increasing number of law regulations in subsequent business areas.

During the audit, we identify problematic issues along with legal and tax risks. In consultation process with the client we indicate possible solutions. The main goal is to improve the safety of the client (mainly the parties responsible for managing the business). However, audit is not only about identifying risks. Precise analysis of the enterprises situation, in particular the documentation allows also to indicate means of improving the business,as well as highlight the areas of potential savings.

Everytime the scope and duration of the audit is fit to the client’s needs. When proseeding the tax audit, it is possible to comprehensively verify a specified period (several months, one or several tax years, the period of a significant transaction, etc.), as well as foocus on specific settlements (e.g. VAT) or defined areas (e.g. intra-community transactions, controlled transactions).

Running a  legal audit, depending on the client’s needs, can be an overview of the company’s activities or comprehensive review of indictaed period or focus on specific areas, e.g. audit of concluded contracts, corporate audit or information security audit.

Each time when selecting a team of auditors, we take into account the areas that are to be verified and the specificity of the client’s business.

The entire documentation can be audited or a sample. Usually part of the work takes place at the client’s office or at the place where the documentation is stored. The result of the audit process is  a report, describing the detailed findings, including the highlighted risks, practicable solutions and guidelines  as well as areas in which the client may obtain additional benefits.

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